Thanks to its decades of experience in Personnel Search and Selection and in Human Resources Consultancy, STUDIO MARCHI is able to propose training services to its clientele today: Modern and targeted training Personnel Motivation Improvement of the Company Climate Management of Working Groups.




The training offered by our Studio which avoids proposing costly catalogue training packages, is tailor-made and exclusively concerns Human Resources management. In fact, we feel that the growing awareness of the value of Human Resources, as a key company asset, allows the Company Management to deal with training for its assistants in a more modern and targeted manner and, above all, with the assistance of instructors that have many years of experience in company and professional life.






The training we suggest, which is designed directly with the customer Company, deals with subjects such as personnel motivation, leadership, improvement of the company climate, management of working groups, the growth of managers.

Following herewith we propose a plan for a training event, which may be useful and interesting, duly tailor-made and adapted to the Customer's requirements.

  Construction of groups: selection and start-up, organization and motivation
  Types of groups and the related psychological aspects
  Methods of Teamwork
  Relationships between the project and company functions
  Communication as a critical factor
  The structure of communication: verbal and nonverbal communications
  Processes of communication (linear, circular)
  Interviewing techniques, selection and relationships with mass media
Who this is addressed to.
Managers, small business entrepreneurs, evolved managers in the production, administration and sales areas.
The teaching method:
Privileges interaction between participants and the presentation of company cases.
Duration 2 days



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