Consultancy and activities directed in the field to overcome key moments of company life, such as generation turnovers, management turnovers or, analysis of professional paths and training requirements, intervention to motivate and stimulate the internal and external structures.



  What is the Skills Balance Sheet?  





"This is a path that enables us to perfect a professional project, through the systematic analysis of the personal traits carried out using structured materials, such as tests and/or self-analysis sheets."
(Evangelista, 2007)

Who is this addressed to?

In order for the skills balance sheet to be performed in the best manner, it is necessary for the person involved to be motivated to undertake a path on himself, to have time available and good abilities of self-analysis and writing.

Operational procedures
 1st Phase

Dedicated to statement and analysis of personal traits relevant for training and professional choices;

 2nd Phase

of analysis of professional figures and work and/or training possibilities in the customer's reference area;

 3rd Phase

in which, on the basis of the elements gathered, a professional project is perfected;

 4th Phase

of accompaniment of the customer during implementation of his project.


The skills balance sheet may be performed on the group or individual level. On the individual level, from 3-5 weekly meetings are sufficient. The actual balance sheet may be followed by meetings at greater intervals of time (monthly, for example) to “accompany” the customer during implementation of his professional project. At the end of the path, a "Balance Sheet Dossier" shall be issued, made up of the analysis or self-analysis sheets related to the personal traits and his professional project.


Final Ministry of Labour Authorization No.1344/RS dated Jan. 15th, 2007 - Leg. Decree No. 276/2003

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